Staying at The Cats Hotel

Giving your cat an enjoyable and relaxing stay with us is extremely important. In order to provide a safe and healthy environment for everyone, we would respectfully request that you note the following: 



In the interest of all our guests, it is necessary that all cats staying at the Cats Hotel must hold a current vaccination certificate. We very much regret that we do not have facilities for un-neutered Adult cats. However, if your cat is less that 1 year old and un-neutered, please contact us to discuss options.


In the unlikely event that your cat takes ill while staying with us, we will not hesitate to call your vet. If it is not possible to reach your own vet (we will request their contact details when you confirm your booking with us), then we will consult our own (Mrs. Barbara Barnard).

Special Needs

With an increasing number of elderly, disabled and diabetic cats (not to mention kittens) staying at the Cats Hotel, we have pens low to the ground with easy access to the cat flap.

Diets and Medication

When booking your cat in, we will discuss with you all your cats dietary and other needs. If your cat is on any kind of medication, we will take full instructions on what medication is to be administered when, and keep a close eye on their progress whilst they are staying with us. As a matter of course, we ask for details of the usual vet our guests are registered with.