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Emergency contact name
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Social Media
I give permission for The Cats Hotel to take photos and videos of my cat(s) during their stay and post these on social media
Health Status
IMPORTANT: Please bring your up to date vaccination card, at every visit. Your cat will not be admitted without this being checked.
Other current or recent medical treatment/illness which may be relevant and if on medication then please detail here, name or type, dosage amounts and regularity, availability of further supply if necessary?
Permission for veterinary treatment
I give permission for worm/flea treatment to be given if necessary. I agree that in the case of suspected illness, a veterinary surgeon may be contacted, my cat examined, and investigations performed if required (e.g. blood tests, X-rays). I agree to the cattery administering any prescription treatments the vet considers advisable. I understand that the tests and treatment will be at my own expense. I also give consent for euthanasia should this be recommended on humane grounds by the veterinary surgeon caring for my cat, in consultation with my own veterinary surgeon and/or contact person. I have discussed the options for dealing with the cat with the cattery proprietor.
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I have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions of boarding at The Cats Hotel.
Additional Stays 2019
I can confirm that all the above details are still correct on the following visits in 2019
Thank you for your understanding and thank you also for entrusting the care of your cat to The Cats Hotel.